What is Jazz Combo?

by Derick SullivanJuly 21, 2021

Jazz is a type of music that originated in New Orleans. It's characterized by improvisation and syncopated rhythms, with a strong emphasis on instrumental soloing. The word "jazz" comes from the West African word meaning "to dance".

Jazz Combo is a smaller jazz ensemble and is common in nightclubs and other small venues and will be made up of three to seven musicians; whereas big bands are found in dance halls and other larger venues.

Jazz bands can vary in size from a big band to a smaller trio or quartet. If you are thinking about forming your jazz combo, you have to consider 

  • Selecting an instrument you want to play. Some of the essentials are drums, piano, guitar, and a leading horn. And then choosing the right person to play these instruments also. 
  • Deciding what you want to play.  You can get help from real books. There are different editions available for different instruments like Treble, Bass, Bb, or Eb.
  • Choosing a place where you will practice. You don’t want unnecessary interruptions. Ideally, you should at least rehearse for two hours each week together, and then you should rehearse individually. You can do the individual rehearsals at home but when it comes to group rehearsal you should book a quiet place.
  • Deciding on the name of your band. You should think of something catchy as well as something most people can relate to. You can get so much publicity just by a catchy, unique name.
  • Choosing a place where you will play. Look for events that can promote your band. If you are playing for the first time, you should look for referrals. You get these gigs when you know a guy in the market.

Starting your own Jazz Combo can be one of the most rewarding and fun activities you can do as a Jazz Musician. There’s a lot of hard work ahead for you and your group. If you are committed and work hard you’ll reap some amazing benefits.

Now that you know how to start, the possibilities are endless for you.​ Now go create some music.

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