Write For Us: Guest Post Opportunities for General News

Welcome to 987ThePeak,

We appreciate your interest in writing and contributing your work to us. Here at 987ThePeak, we provide you with a platform to showcase your talent and ideas in writing about general news.

As long as your article passes our quality checks, it will be published on our site and has the opportunity of being shared on different social media channels.

You may or may not include a link to your content, but make sure it does not lead to any malicious or affiliate sites.

Lastly, significant content matters to us more, and hope that you understand. So, please follow appropriate guidelines within your article. 

Types Of Articles We Publish on General News

We publish articles written by individuals who work on the web with a background in journalism. These consists of: 

  • Local News — Events happening in your city, areas, or country
  • World News —  International news regarding the world leaders, Major events involving many well-known personalities, and multinational businesses 

News Topics We Cover

At 987ThePeak. We are looking for any articles on the following topics:

  • Sports  — News regarding sports teams, players, owners, and the controlling body.
  • Business. — News related to different industries, how specific jobs work, and are they safe? 
  • Lifestyle — Information related to personal fitness, mental health, and new medicine in the development
  • Travel — which locations should readers visit, what should they try there, and how to fully embrace the culture with respect.  

How Did You Find Us

If you are looking for a site that allows you to contribute your ideas regarding anything related to the news, then we are here to help you with that. If you used the following footsteps to search for us then you are most welcome here. 

Feel free to send us your pitches.

General news + “guest blog”General news + “contributor guidelines”
General news + “guest blogger”General news + “write for us”
General news + “guest column”General news + “write for me”
General news + “guest post opportunities”General + “become an author”

Sponsored Posts

We also offer sponsored posts for companies who want to increase their presence online, by supporting content. However, we do not allow any sort of advertisements but you may add a link or source to the content.

How to Pitch Your Content?

Please email us at [email protected] with the following information: 

  • Article headline ( It should be around 50-60 words)
  • Content (Should be between 1000-1500 words)
  • Must include media (please use the recommend image format
  • A brief bio about the writer  with a profile picture
  • Links you are planning to add to the article

Our Publishing Process

Submitted articles are subject to quality checks. The source will be informed if the article is accepted or rejected. If the content is relevant and meets the requirements. Our editors will make final changes if necessary.

The source will receive an email of a possible publishing date, including an appreciation letter.

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