Tips for Becoming a Morning Person

by Leslie StoneNovember 1, 2023
Tips for Becoming a Morning Person

Waking up early in the mornings to begin your day has proven benefits, you have more energy, you are in better spirits and you get more done. So how do you get about switching from late-mornings, rush hour and sluggish lethargy to the early-bird routine? It isn’t impossible, and contrary to what many believe- you aren’t born with it either. We have brought together experts in healthy lifestyles to help you get that transformation.

Wake up with an Agenda

“The number one tip for becoming a morning person and motivating yourself to wake up early is to have a clear, compelling reason for doing so. When the alarm goes off and the first instinctual thoughts flood in, ‘I’m not getting up; I’m going back to sleep’ - you have to know exactly why you are getting up early in the first place. Is it to work on a passion project or side hustle? Is it to exercise, so you can reward yourself at the end of the month with the massage or a new outfit? Whatever your reason for waking up early, you need to know it well so you can use it to quiet the immediate thoughts that threaten to pull you back to bed. 

Aside from knowing and understanding your reason for waking up early, the second tip for becoming a morning person and successfully waking up early is to know that you’ll feel better in ten minutes.  Put one foot in front of the other, get up and get moving, and in ten minutes, you won’t feel nearly as tired or sluggish as you do right now. One foot in front of the other, and pretty soon you’ll be working toward whatever goal is motivating you to wake up early, and the feelings of accomplishment will follow.”

Laura Radniecki, blogger, photographer, and digital marketer

Re-wire your Brain

“To become a morning person, you must let go of any tightly held beliefs that you are not a morning person. If you consistently tell yourself, I am not a morning person, you leave no room for the possibility of making this a reality in your life.”

Kathryn Ely, Associate Licensed Counselor, Empower Counseling & Coaching

Sleep Early

“I have always been a morning person. Since I am always bombarded with a lot of work, I feel I need a day to be extended so that it won't be so exhausting. Apparently, waking up early, longers your day and saves you from bur out, since there's a leeway for rest and you won't be so pressured to squeeze in everything. Also, it's healthier to wake up early as it conditions your body and saves you from feeling gloomy throughout the rest of the day. In doing so, my advice is to sleep early and condition your mind of why you need to wake up earlier than your usual time. Sleeping late and waking up early beats the purpose of being a morning person. When you sleep early, then your body will automatically adapt to waking up when you are fully recharged already.”

Robert Johnson, Founder of Sawinery

Consistency Is Key

“I cannot stress enough about the importance of maintaining a consistent sleep schedule. I made it a habit to tone down on my evening commitments and work to have at least an hour to wind down before bed. I too once underestimated the impact of getting good sleep, good nutrition, and good exercise on my energy levels because I felt that I always had enough energy to get by. It was only when I committed to doing them consistently that I recognized that it really makes a world of difference when it comes to my mood, my energy, my happiness, and my determination to seize the day when I first wake up in the morning.”

Matthew Paxton, Founder of Hypernia

“I trained myself to become a morning person by setting up an alarm system. Every day I would go to bed 5 minutes earlier and wake up 5 minutes earlier than the day before. It was a slow but gradual transition. After about 3 weeks, I had no problem waking up every day at 6 am and be productive. I believe that small, consistent steps are the key to training your body to become a morning person.”

John Vo, Travel Blogger

Let's admit it, lying down on your comfortable mattress can make you more sleepy. If you start trying to become a morning person, that comfortable bed will be your motivation as you start your day.

Morning Routine

“My morning routine inspires me for an amazing day. I call it my wake-up slowly routine. It includes mindfulness, gratitude, watching or listening to something motivational, reading or writing and some Yoga. Starting the day in a calm, stress-free manner sets me up perfectly for the day’s challenges.”

Harvey Raybould, Owner of Freedom Via Property

“Some relatively easy tips to transition to being a morning person are going to bed early and setting up a morning routine. Going to bed earlier can help with the physical aspect of it and the morning routine can help with the psychological aspect. Imagine this: 6am. The house is quiet. No kids screaming. No spouse asking for anything. No loud city noises. Just you and your morning coffee and a warm blanket on the couch reading a favorite magazine. Those moments of peace can bring you to a new perspective on being a morning person.”

Andy Hoffer Owner/Trainer, Andy Hoffer Coaching

Early Morning Exercise

“One way to become a more productive person in the morning is to get in a 20-30 minute workout in the mornings. A quick burst of physical activity in the morning will boost your energy, improve your focus, and will help you sleep better at night. While exercising, your brain creates more endorphins, better known as the happy hormone, that will instantly give your mood a boost.”

Bertie Cowan, Founder of Effortless Outdoors

“For those of us born as night-owls, becoming a morning person can be a challenging ordeal at first. My best advice is to start the day with a jog around the block. The fresh air and endorphin boost from routine morning exercise will lift your spirits, even if you're accustomed to being grumpy early in the morning. Once you get used to feeling good about being up early, you will eventually become a morning person too.”

Nikolina Jeric, Founder of 2Date4Love

Coffee to Kick-Start your Day

“As a business owner and busy mom, I had no choice but to become a morning person. I started with a consistent bedtime and wake-up time every day. Upon waking, I immediately wash my face with cold water and already have coffee brewing. After all, how bad could the morning be waking up to hot coffee? Routine is key. I now enjoy my quiet before the storm.”

Shayla Dempsey, Four 19 Properties

Move your Alarm

“One of the biggest hurdles for me was reaching for my phone to turn off my alarm, only to end up repeatedly hitting snooze or worse– grabbing it and spending the next hour mindlessly scrolling Twitter. To get around this, I started leaving my phone in another room at night to charge and used a classic (perhaps even antique, at this point) radio alarm clock as my means of waking up. By keeping the clock at the far end of my bedroom, I don't have a choice but to get out of bed and move to turn it off; by that point, I'm up and moving, and it's so much easier to take that momentum into the rest of my morning routine.”

Blake Reichenbach, Owner and Editor-in-Chief, Self-Himprovement

Light up your Mornings!

“The most important thing to do is keep a schedule for the morning that you can not afford to miss. The bigger the motivation, the more likely you are to get up early. To make it easier, always allow a light source in the room so you have an idea that the day is out. This signals your brain to wake up. Nothing that you will try in a pitch dar bedroom will render good results. Been there, done that!”

Mark Condon, Founder and CEO at Shoktkit.com

So Why Turn into a Morning Person?

Our body is naturally synced with the sun and so it performs better when it adheres to the natural day and night cycle. Studies have proven our productivity and overall health greatly improves with following an early-to-bed, early-to-rise routine. It improves our mood, helps us focus, gives us mental and physical energy, relieves depression and fatigue.

What more reason do we need to quit our unhealthy routine and adopt the early-bird one instead.

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