Services you can Expect from a Direct Mail Agency.

by James HargroveAugust 19, 2022

The real estate business is about establishing connections and targeting the right audience. Acquiring leads and nurturing them is a major part of the business.

Moreover, this industry builds personal relationships and establishes trust with the clients.

To do so, one needs to communicate consistently and transparently with their clients and target audience to seem credible.

This is why realtors often prefer to opt for direct marketing methods to help gain clients, make a name in the industry, and sell houses much quicker.

When it comes to direct marketing tactics, sending postcards is one of the most used strategies by realtors to reach out to their target audience and acquire more clients. You can send customized postcards to your mailing list and track the progress of the whole campaign when you hire a mail delivery company for the task.

Companies like Wise Pelican provide affordable mail delivery and tracking services across the United States.

If you go the other way and manage the campaign yourself, it might not be the most effective solution. Firstly, it would distract you from your core objective, and secondly, it will cost you more to send postcards.

Many people are often unaware of the service provided by a direct mail agency.

Services to Expect from a Direct Mail Agency

Customizability of postcards

You must not feel restrictive when it comes to choosing the design and the template of the postcards. The best agency would offer various types of customizations for the postcards.

Not only will you be able to change the color, but you can also change the layout and the text of the postcards as per your preferences and needs.

Based on your chosen design, the company will print the postcards and drive them to the mailing list.

Campaign tracking

There is no point in conducting a direct mail campaign if you cannot track its progress. Ideally, an agency would provide a trackable URL to you wherein they will update the deliveries and the response by the target audience.

This will help you determine your ROI from the campaign and record the number of clients you have acquired from a particular campaign.

They will notify you immediately when your postcards are printed, dispatched, and delivered.

Mailing list builder

A direct mail agency will allow you to upload your list for delivery. You can target a specific area or radius for your campaign. Many agencies provide a polygon selection tool to customize the delivery radius, and this helps you target a specific location.

Moreover, if it is observed that some people from your mailing list have moved to a new address, the agency will directly make the changes to your mailing list. These updates are made by perusing the USPS national change of addresses database.

Uniform rates

Companies like Wise Pelican offer uniform rates for their services. Even if you have a lower quantity, they will be able to provide you with the same rates.

So, even if you want to send only a handful of postcards to a particular location, companies can help you at affordable prices.

If you want to compete in the industry and acquire new leads, direct mail marketing is one of the most effective tactics you can adopt as a realtor.

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