Listening to Music While Falling Asleep

by Melody VargoJuly 14, 2021

Listening to music while you are falling asleep can have many effects on us humans and can vary from person to person. Some of them are good and some of them not so much. Here are some of the effects that listening to music while you are trying to sleep can cause:


Listening to music can make you achieve the peace of mind and relaxation that you have been looking for. Not only soft music but sometimes music with faster beats can be relaxing for you as well. It can help you sleep better.

Heart Rate matching

Music that matches your heartbeat can really help you bring down the heartbeat and give you a better mood and a lowered heart rate that can put you out of the constant state of stress and anxiety

Boost Sleep Quantity

In many pieces of research, it has been proved that people that fall asleep while listening to music have an increased quantity of sleep. The people falling asleep to music sleep 20% longer than the people who don’t.

Improve Sleep Quality

Falling asleep to music can increase the quality of your sleep. It has been proved by research that falling asleep with music on can increase the duration of deep sleep which is the most superior quality of sleep one can get.

You Fall Asleep Faster

When there is music on while you are trying to sleep you shift your focus from all the stress you have to the music. This way you stop thinking about random things and the focus lets you fall asleep faster and easier.

You Wake Up Better Rested

If you fall asleep faster, have an increased quantity of sleep and the sleep quality is increased, you will wake up better rested for sure. You can ensure all of these with music on your side while sleeping.

Helps with Insomnia

If you have chronic insomnia, music can help you fall asleep. Music will help you relax so that you can sleep faster and insomnia is mainly due to rethinking the stress you have been through all day.

Pillow with Speakers

If you want to sleep with music on but don’t want to disturb other people around you and also don’t want to strangle yourself with headphone wires, you can get a pillow with built-in speakers, so that you can enjoy a peaceful and relaxing sleep

These are the pros and cons of sleeping while listening to songs.

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