What Does Pitch In Music Mean?

by Derick SullivanFebruary 8, 2024

Pitch is a fundamental word in music. Everything that deals with harmony, melody, chords, and scales starts by reference to pitch, but it also has its complexities when we think of what exactly this means for each note on an instrument or vocalist’s voice range.

Definition of Pitch

Playing an instrument is like sending out vibrations. Whether you strum guitar strings or pluck a piano key, the sound travels from your fingers and enters your ears as waves oscillating at different frequencies. The main property of these sounds is their note’s pitch and volume levels; each produces its distinct atmosphere, with instruments having differing ranges for how loud they can be while still carrying on conversations nearby without yelling!

Pitch is the human ear’s ability to hear and understand a sound. Pitch can be measured in Hertz. Pitch is the main determinant of what sounds we hear. It can be thought of as a scale where higher pitches represent more rarefied air and lower ones have been heated, compacted together, or vibrated harder.  There’s not just one pitch but many pitches that register to define different volumes and qualities.

How is Pitch Measured?

Pitch is measured mathematically as the number of times a sound wave can repeat in one second.

In an example, the tone consists of 400 Hz, which means it repeats its pattern or signals repeated four hundred times every second. One can hear only those tones with pitches between 20Hz-20k Hz because almost all music you see on TV will fall within that range. However, some instruments could go higher than 8kHz.

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