Man Tries to Kidnap Barista at Coffee Shop Drive-Thru Window

by Derick SullivanJanuary 18, 2023


Police in Auburn, Washington, have arrested a man suspected of trying to kidnap a barista at the drive-thru window of an unidentified coffee shop.

The scary incident occurred at 5 am yesterday. Surveillance footage captured a man waiting at the window in a pickup truck. As the barista hands back his change, he grabs her wrist, trying to pull her into his vehicle using a looped zip tie.

Luckily, the barista was able to fend off the attacker and shut the drive-thru window, causing the man to speed away.

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Police make an arrest

Police released a video of the attempted abduction asking for help identifying the suspect. One early lead was a tattoo on the man’s left forearm caught on video. Police tweeted a photo writing that the marking appears to read “Chevrolet.”

After receiving a large number of tips, police captured a suspect earlier this afternoon.

The barista, who had worked at the coffee shop for 15 years, was working alone at the time of the incident. She suffered minor cuts, a police spokesperson told The Seattle Times.

At press time, police would not identify where the incident happened.


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