How To Use Dynamics In Music?

by Leslie StoneMarch 13, 2024

If there is one thing that musicians should understand, it’s the difference between playing piano softly and loudly. Dynamics are a great way for composers and musicians to express their feelings through the notes they play. You must understand how dynamic markings work to convey what the composer is saying with their music properly.

A dynamic marking tells the performer how loud or soft to play their instrument at any given point during a piece of music. There are many different markings, but two common ones are forte (f) and piano (p). Forte means “loud,” while piano means “soft.”

Following are the types of dynamics used in music throughout the world.


Pianissimo, pp, means “very soft.” It’s an extremely quiet sound, often using just enough breath to produce a barely audible whisper.


Piano, p, means “soft.” Pianos are often heard in homes, restaurants, and other places that require decorum. The name originates from the Italian word “piano,” meaning soft or delicate, suggesting its musical nature.

Mezzo Piano

Mezzo piano, mp, means “medium soft,” which in turn can be translated to a piece of elegant sounding music with just enough force for impact without being too loud or overwhelming.

Mezzo Forte

The mezzo forte, mf is a tuning that ranges from pianissimo to fortissimo. It’s important to know the difference between this low-medium range and forte (loud) because it will affect your performance greatly.


You can use mezzo-forte, mf, to mean “medium-loud.” The word is short and is an Italian term meaning halfway between the piano (soft) and forte(loud). The character ‘m’ at the end of each syllable in “mezzo forte” is not only there to make it easier for singers but also indicates how loud or soft they should play when singing this note.

Fortissimo Forte

Fortissimo, ff, this means “very loud.” Fortissimo is a type of music in which performers play loudly and with force. The word itself originates from the Italian language, which translates to “loudly.”

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