How to Fix Water Leaking from Tiles

by Victoria RoblesNovember 9, 2023
How to Fix Water Leaking from Tiles

Is there water leaking through the tiles of your washroom or kitchen? Leakage of water from the tiles is a matter of grave concern as it can compromise the structural integrity of the floor and walls beneath the tiles. 

Such leakages could be the result of several factors such as damaged pipes in the walls or under the floor, use of inferior pipes, wear and tear over time, water freezing in pipes, or DIY installations without professional help. If you are installing tiles for the very first time, it is highly recommended that you hire a professional plumber.

One of the common reasons for leaky bathroom floor tiles is damage to the tiles themselves. Employing the services of a good plumber will ensure proper installation and zero risks of damaging the tiles. Tiles when continuously exposed to moisture and dampness, become ideal breeding grounds for molds which become a health hazard over time. 

Another drawback of leaky tiles is the damage sustained by the tile adhesives which results in the tiles dislodging over time. Once that begins, it is only a matter of time before the whole tiled surface begins to come apart. Moreover, constant exposure to water damages the look of the tiles. 

Fixing the water leakage is paramount before it causes any further damage. So the question is how to prevent water from leaking through your tiles. One way is to get the services of plumbers. In this article, we will walk you through the steps to fix water leakage in tiles.

Replace Damaged/Leaky Tiles

If the pipes inside the walls are broken or the grout is cracked, water might start leaking from the tiles. Even if the grout is intact but the tiles are not waterproof, chances are that they will absorb water and eventually start leaking. If this is the case, it is a good idea to replace them. 

Word of caution, before you replace the tiles or grout, you’ll need to fix broken pipes if any. However, if you feel you are not equipped to handle said repairs, you can always look up professional plumbers near you who can get the job done for you.

How to Fix The Broken Pipe In The Walls?

To fix a broken pipe in the wall, first, you’ll need to cut the water supply, expose the damaged pipe, and wrap a layer of the sheet around it. After that, you’ll have to place a container under the pipe, dry it with a cloth, cut the damaged section, and clean it thoroughly. 

Now you can heat the lower end of a copper repair sleeve and allow the melting solder to fill the joints. Once the lower end is cooled, do the same with the upper end. After fixing the pipe, you can apply new tiles after you patch up the wall. If you need professional help, you can rely on the services of a plumber.

Remove the grout with the tools

In case the grout is damaged due to excessive leakage, you’ll need to remove and replace the grout. Grout can easily be removed by using some tools that you can easily find at your local hardware store. To ensure that the unaffected tiles do not get damaged during this process, you can apply tape to the undamaged grout lines.

Apply Sealant Or An Adhesive

Before the application of sealant or adhesive, you’ll need to ensure that the tiles are properly placed on the floor and that the gaps are properly cleaned. Take your time in fine-tuning the finishing process to avoid any unnecessary gaps between the tiles. If you think that you are not built for this task, you can get professional help from a plumber.

Remove Excess Adhesive 

Removal of all the excess adhesive from the surface of the tiles is an important part of the finishing process. After that, you can leave the tiles to dry for at least an hour. Once the tiles are properly dried, you can use a sponge to clean the remaining residue from the surface.

Future Precautions

There are a few precautions you’ll need to keep in mind once the repair and restoration processes are completed. Make sure that water does not stay unattended on the floor for long durations. This will help avoid weakening of the adhesive and damage to the grout. Regularly check for spaces between from which water could seep between and under the tiles. Timely action can save you a lot of trouble down the road. Carefully inspect grout lines every couple of years for any sign of gaps, wear and tear, or damage. 

Now that you are all set to get started on fixing the water leakage from your tiles, you can contact us if you have any questions in this regard. Do let us know if this article was helpful in your comments below. 

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