Reasons Why Security Guards Wear Sunglasses

by Melody VargoOctober 4, 2023
Reasons Why Security Guards Wear Sunglasses

Most of you have probably seen them all the time on TV or in the movies: men dressed in black either carrying firearms or standing behind a well-known celebrity. These famous people bodyguards or security personnel command authority and respect.

Oftentimes, they wear blacked-out sunglasses to top off their uniform. While this may not be something you’ve wondered about before, we’re here to explain the reason behind this. 

Here are some reasons why security guards wear sunglasses:

It Misleads Attackers

Security personnel often scan their eyes back and forth to scope out their surroundings. Wearing glasses ensures that attackers cannot see their eyes, thus misleading them about what direction to move to. 

Bodyguards are trained to read body movement and to know what that person will be doing next. Glasses protect their eyes so that attackers do not know they are being watched. 

It Protects Against External Objects 

Security guards may be on duty in several different locations. Glasses act as a shield for the wearer’s eyes and help them see clearly even during harsh weather conditions and external objects or elements. This means that their vision will not be impaired while on duty, especially in the event of an attack.

It Helps Them Mask Their Emotions

Glasses help mask security guards’ emotions and ensure that they are able to keep a straight face at all times. This is a crucial aspect of their job, so as not to show attackers that they are distressed or shocked. 

It Allows Them To Avoid Glare

These glasses allow security guards to protect their eyes from glare or from the natural sunlight. In some cases, they can be custom-made with blue light sunglasses lenses technology as well. Glare and other factors can obstruct their vision and line of sight, so glasses are essential in helping them stay alert at all times. 

Ultimately, sunglasses are not just a part of security guards’ uniforms but are a vital factor that allows them to do their job to the best of their abilities.

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