What It Takes To Build a New Home in NC

by Melody VargoApril 5, 2022
What It Takes To Build a New Home in NC

The road towards homeownership can be a tempting one. However, it can be achieved through home buying or building. So are you are an aspiring homeowner who wants to build a dream home?

Building a home in North Carolina can be intimidating if you do not know where to begin. But, thanks to professional home builders in NC, you can experience the best home building services as part of their professional services. Therefore, owning a home can be an easy task to achieve with the right home builders instead of doing it independently.

Perhaps you have been wondering about the steps you need to build a home; worry less since this article will point out what you can expect during the entire building step.

1. Finding the Right Agent

To help you get the right agent, ask for referrals from your family and friends who previously had a positive experience with one of the agents. In addition, the internet has made everything easy nowadays; with just a click, you will get the top listed agents you can choose from.

Although you plan to team up with a builder, consider an additional real estate agent. Real estate helps you communicate and be a neutral third party with your builder to make your desired home at the intended price ultimately.

2. Choosing a Professional Builder

After finding the best agent for your project, take your time to research different home builders in NC to find the best builders that meet your standard needs. Then, contact them to schedule an appointment with them to table your requests. A good builder should value all your desired home building needs.

However, consider taking advantage of that time to consult everything you need to know about the builder. A good builder will advise you and offer different alternatives for your building needs. You can choose from the options available like unique subdivisions, customized properties, or re-build spec houses.

3. Selecting Preferred Lot and Floor Plan

Once you choose the builder and sign all the legal paperwork, you will likely select your preferred lot and floor plan. Different layouts range in various sizes, such as 1,132 to 2,253 feet. Therefore, you can settle for your desired budget to ensure you do not strain financially.

Visit different company websites to access all the available design galleries and floor plans to understand the best choice you need to settle for.

4. Acquiring Permits and Land Prep

Every state has its legal ways of carrying home building procedures, for your information. Your chosen builder needs to help you with all the prep work before they start building your home. First, they will secure all the proper permits, e.g., zoning, grading, and construction, which normally takes a few days or weeks.

After everything is approved, the builders will start improving your land to enable them to lay the foundation, which involves removing debris and cutting trees down.

5. Framing and Foundation

After leveling your home site, the next step is installing footings and pouring the foundation. With the help of home builders NC, if you require septic tank work, this is the right time to start. After pouring the concrete, it is let to cure to ensure it reaches the set standards.

You will start to see the rough layout of your desired home after the walls, floors, and roof systems are framed and covered using protective sheathing to prevent damage.

6. Designing Interior Prep

This step entails installing all the electrical, plumbing, drywall, and windows concurrently with the exterior features available. Before finishing the construction, your builder will paint, add flooring and finalize all the interior needs for your home.

7. Designing Exterior Prep and Final Touches

Imagine the perfect siding, roofs, and doors you had admired so much. That is right! Your builder will ensure you achieve all that as they finish the interior work. In addition, a good builder should offer you a comprehensive landscaping package with a fully paved driveway.

8. Final Walk-through and Closing

Before you close your home, take a final walk to inspect everything with your agent to ensure they meet your standards. This will also guide you through your warranty in case of any fixes.


Now that you know all the steps needed to build a good home, you should consider hiring the best builders to ensure that you achieve your desired building needs.

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