12 Essential Tips To Keep In Mind Before You Board a Plane

by James HargroveJanuary 11, 2024
12 Essential Tips To Keep In Mind Before You Board a Plane

Whether it’s your first flight or you’re a habitual air traveler, there is always something important we forget when we board the plane. Traveling can be stressful in itself; we can make it easier for you with these essential tips from experienced travelers.

1. Download Your Airline’s App

“For the latest updates on your flight, it would be a good idea to download the app. Avoid panicking on your way to the airport because you forgot to make sure that your reservation details are in. Monitor your flight schedules, check-in time, luggage requirements, and safety protocols for the flight.” (Martin Seeley)

2. Pack Carry-Ons Smartly

“Make sure that your carry-on contains your wallet, passport, identification, medication, and other essentials. Pick one that is roomy, light-weight, and compact for your needs. There are also gadget organizers that could help you with your electronics and keep wires neatly packed away.”

Martin Seeley, Chief Executive Officer at MattressNextDay

3. SOPs

“As travel is opening up, it is still important to take the necessary safety precautions. Continue to practice social distancing measures and bring along a sanitizer to clean surfaces that you will come into contact with.

“Consider getting pre-flight lounge access before the flight to reduce wait time at the boarding area which can get crowded now that more people are traveling again.” (Rax Suen)

4. Double-check The Level Of In-flight Service

“One important thing is to double-check the level of in-flight service on board the flight. Some flights are still running with limited in-flight services like minimal meals for convenience and less human movement, in view of health measures. If so, make sure you keep yourself fueled or bring extra snacks and water with you, particularly for long flights. This is where lounge access can further double up as a refreshment stop.”

Rax Suen, Founder at NomadsUnveiled

5. Pack Light

“Always keep in mind that the only thing worse than lugging all your belongings around on the airplane is lugging them through an airport and a bunch of security checks. That’s not to mention how heavy they’ll be when you’re traveling on foot. Pack as minimally as possible so it will be easier for you to maneuver with less stuff in tow.” (Sarah Walker)

6. Carry a Moisturizer

“When leaving the airport, it’s important to have a light moisturizer for your skin. Don’t forget to bring one with you. You don’t want your skin to look like cement after a flight because that indicates a loss of hydration and dehydration. Try Dimples Tone cream or Ocean Silk lotion when you fly, so you will be prepared from the inside-out for dry air in the airplane cabin and at your destination!”

Sarah Walker, Founder of dogfooddesire.com

7. Use the Restroom

“Before boarding a plane, there are a few things I always do. First, I use the restroom. Using the onboard lavatories can be cramped and quite unsanitary, as well. While mid-flight breaks to stretch your legs are important, I choose to walk around the plane for a couple of minutes rather than squeezing into an even tighter area of the plane.” (Emily Cuneo)

8. Take Your Own Snacks

“Second, I make sure I have some snacks with me. Doesn’t matter if it’s a trail mix or a sandwich, but regardless of what the inflight services may be, you can’t be certain you’ll receive food during the flight. Always make sure to have at least a snack or two handy in case the food is insufficient or worse, non-existent.” (Emily Cuneo)

9. Check Your Boarding Pass

“Third, I always take a look at my boarding pass and figure out where I’ll be located on the plane. If I’m going to be one of the last people to board and there most likely won’t be much overhead space left, I watch for open overhead storage spots on my way to my seat. This way, you aren’t trying to make your way back through a line of people in order to put your luggage away.”

Emily Cuneo, Avid Traveler, Owner and Author of Emily Embarks

10. Take a Small Bag With In-Flight Essentials

“One pre-boarding tip I have for you: travel with a small, packable bag (tote bag or something like these) and take all your in-flight essentials (snacks, laptop, headphones, etc.) out of your primary carry on before you get on the plane. It’ll make boarding the plane so much easier, and you won’t have to hold up the rest of the passengers while you try to get organized. Plus, the same small backpack can be used at your destination as a day bag or shopping bag too.”

Skylar Renslow, Writer and Owner of The Daily Grog

11. Double-Check Your Documents

“Make sure that all the documents needed, as well as your passport, are all in place. They need to be all together so you can easily get them when needed.” (George Mouratidis)

12. Keep all In-Flight Essentials with You

“Bring with you all the items that you will need on hand while on the plane so you won’t have to stand up all the time to get it in the cabin. And with this pandemic, make sure that you have all the sanitation things you need to clean up your seat and table on the plane.”

George Mouratidis, Marketing Professional at New York Informer

With these essential tips in mind, you are bound to enjoy a much smoother trip. It’s time to take the stress out of flying.

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