Some Entrepreneurs Are Looking to Chinese Herbs to Boost Productivity

by Derick SullivanJanuary 20, 2023


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Entrepreneurs are ditching the outdated idea that they need to deprive themselves of sleep and proper nutrition to be successful. More Americans are turning to natural products over prescriptions to treat their ailments. Acupuncture, cupping, and meditation can be effective habits that high performers have adopted to level their game. But these practices often eat into the one thing entrepreneurs don't have enough of — time.

Reprise Health

Enter natural herbs and supplements. Herbs have long been a natural and holistic way to address root causes and imbalances within your body, and they are easy to implement into everyday routines. The use of herbs for personalized wellness dates back 3,000 years. For example, Ginseng, believed to improve mental clarity, memory, and concentration, has been used as a natural remedy to increase productivity and cognitive performance for centuries.

Herbal formulas, such as Reprise Health Gummies, can be tailored to your individual needs and health concerns, providing a personalized approach to health. Rooted in Eastern Medicine, these ancient herbs are known to address a wide range of wellness concerns, including sleep, stress, and low energy. And unlike some Western medications, traditional herbs can be more gentle and work with your body's natural systems, often resulting in fewer side effects.

Reprise Health makes these traditional herbs easy to bring into your daily routine. Each gummy features the same herbal extracts found in Asia's best herb shops. Formulated by Harvard doctors and inspired by traditional herbal formulas, Reprise's gummies only use herbs backed by clinical research, the company says. They're committed to providing gummies with the purest and most potent ingredients. And each gummy is free of synthetics, parabens, dyes, gelatin, fillers, or preservatives, they say.

Let's take a deeper look at why their gummies may be better than other products entrepreneurs use for energy and mental acuity as they build their business. Reprise's Gummies utilize all-natural herbal extracts derived from Eastern medicine. Compare this to caffeine, an ingredient that has become synonymous with hard-working business leaders. Their Focus gummy stack consists of full-spectrum American Ginseng, Panax Ginseng, and Reishi extracts, which provide a cognitive boost like a cup of coffee, but doesn't result in a sharp energy decline when the caffeine wears off, the company says.

Reprise offers herbal formulas in fruity gummies: pre-formulated bundles target sleep, stress, energy, and focus. Or personalized formulas for those who want a more holistic approach. And they're easy to integrate into your daily life – just take two of each herb daily, preferably after meals, the company says. Throw them in your bag while commuting to work, keep them on your desk for easy access during busy times of the day, or take them after dinner as you prepare for bed.

While more research is needed to understand their effects fully, some studies have suggested that certain herbs may have a positive impact on brain function and may help improve focus, attention, and overall mental performance. This makes them a must-try for entrepreneurs looking to unlock that next level of productivity and success. Integrate these potent Chinese herbs into your daily life through Reprise's delicious gummies to get time back and make 2023 your most productive year.

Prices subject to change. Speak with a healthcare professional before starting any new supplement or herbal regimen, as some herbs may interact with medications or have potential side effects.


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