How To Redeem Free Apple Music From Best Buy?

by Melody VargoApril 10, 2024
How To Redeem Free Apple Music From Best Buy

Best Buy Co., Inc. is a worldwide store that sells consumer electronics, office supplies, entertainment items, appliances, and related services. Domestic and international business segments make up the company's operations.

Apple services are frequently discounted at Best Buy; the discounts it is presently offering are for Apple Music, Apple Fitness+, and Apple News+ are among the most attractive we've seen for any of the Apple products and services.

But when it comes to Apple Music promos, platforms such as Shazam and TikTok have offered three and four-month deals, but Best Buy has outdone them all by offering six months of the service free.

Because the promotion is only available to new users of the service, you will not be able to use it if you already have an active subscription or have just canceled your subscription to the service.

How To Redeem Apple Music?

First and foremost, you must go to iTunes and create or update your Apple ID. If you don't have iTunes installed on your Android device, there is an Apple music app that performs the same functions as iTunes.

You can create your Apple ID by visiting the page at Apple’s website. The account creation process will also include questions about your name and address, as well as the registration of your credit card. 

Once registered, go to the ITUNES STORE and scroll all the way down to the "Redeem" section (should be next to Send Gift). Click on it, then select "Manually enter code" and enter the code you were given.

It should complete and then ask for a method of payment, so that when your free subscription expires, you will be required to pay for the next month. 

It does not charge you anything for the free membership. After that, you're ready to go and use the Apple Music app to listen to free music. 

If you don't plan on using it after your membership expires, it will only charge you for the next month that you use it, so set a reminder to cancel it. It makes no attempt to remind you that your subscription has expired. It will inform you when it is over, but it will not remind you again.

To learn more about Apple Music and other streaming services, visit our blog section.

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