6 Creative Teaching Methods That Will Engage Young Learners

by James HargroveOctober 4, 2022,
6 Creative Teaching Methods That Will Engage Young Learners

Teachers can attest to the fact that teaching young children is one of the most enriching positions an educator can fill. Being a positive influence to kids and equipping them with the knowledge and skills to succeed in the future is a fulfilling way to spend your working life. However, it is essential to have effective teaching methods under your belt if you want to inspire kids to learn. Here are a few creative teaching methods that will help you engage young learners.

  1. Interactive Classroom

Interactive teaching is a hands-on way to get kids enthused about learning new things. An interactive classroom can engage and inspire children. You can create an interactive classroom by incorporating activities that involve some sort of bodily movements, such as standing up and walking around. Physical activities are a great way to get kids to listen and keep them alert. Besides physical exercises, activities can include giving a presentation, reenacting scenes from a book, and activities that involve student and teacher or peer to peer interaction. You can also use audio and visual aids and technology, such as smart blackboards and tablets.

  1. Promote Active Learning with Innovative Toys

The use of innovative toys and games in the classroom can inspire young learners and help them develop their skills. MagnaTiles and MagnaTiles Structures by CreateOn are fantastic examples of toys that engage and excite children. These toys come with no user instructions, which means they are perfect for free play. They are magnetic building toys that are available in bright colors, assorted shapes, and branded designs. They are designed to click together with ease and can be used to create anything out of a child’s imagination. In the classroom, MagnaTiles are excellent when used as learning aids and can be used to help teach different subjects. These magnetic toys can help children with color identification and fine motor skills development, and they can also help cultivate an interest in STEM topics too.

  1. Raise Funds for a Good Cause

Charitable projects, such as raising funds for a good cause, can teach young children about good, fundamental values. Fundraisers are a fantastic morale booster for kids and will give them something to look forward to that is outside their usual school routine. Getting together and raising money as a school is also great for the school community, and it can help kids develop important life skills, such as teamwork, setting and hitting goals, and exercising their creativity. Fundraising ideas include raffles, fancy dress days, and bake sales.

  1. Go on a Field Trip

Another great way to teach children outside of the classroom is to take them on a field trip. A day away from school can help children learn new things away from the typical educational environment. It exposes kids to new things and enriches them with new experiences they might not gain at school. Field trips that are related to specific topics taught at school can make a big impact and help children retain information. For example, if your students are learning about a particular animal, a trip to the zoo will help cement a few facts in their minds. Additionally, trips to a museum, art gallery, or historical landmark can all be linked with traditional academic topics. Besides the educational value of a school trip, you can also use this time to teach kids how to behave appropriately in public.

  1. Use VR Tech to Transport Students to Another World

As mentioned earlier, technology in the classroom can boost student engagement, and VR tech is a great example of this. Using virtual reality technology, you can transport your students to different places and immerse them in different types of scenarios. For example, you can take your class to outer space so that they can study the planet. You can also transport them to different countries, cultural sites around the world, and eras of the past.

  1. Introduce a Classroom Pet

Classroom pets make excellent teaching aids for a range of subjects. Children can learn about the pet, where the pet originally came from, and how to care for an animal. They are also fantastic when used as an aid for math exercises and for creative writing.

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