3-Step Process to Stop Getting Ghosted

by Derick SullivanJanuary 18, 2023


Business development consultant Terry Rice shares his tips for winning bigger deals and avoiding getting ghosted, no matter which field you're in:

  1. Ask a potential client, "What would need to happen in order for you to be happy about our partnership?" You can rephrase that as needed to better fit your business. The overall goal is to get clarity on the outcomes they're looking for.
  2. Once you understand their needs, ask, "Would you like to hear how I can help?" Assuming they say yes, you now have permission to pitch. The good thing is that your pitch will flow more naturally in the conversation, so it won't feel like an abrupt pivot.
  3. Finally, ask, "What will prevent you from saying yes today?" This question allows you to uncover all their objections in real-time as opposed to going back and forth via email or just getting ghosted.

Using this framework on your next call will give you more clarity and confidence, but remember, even as the seller, you should always be the buyer. Only work with people that respect you and you truly want to help.

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