Tips and Tricks when Packing for a Short Vacation

by Leslie StoneNovember 17, 2023
Tips and Tricks when Packing for a Short Vacation

When planning for a vacation there is always that moment of confusion- “what to pack and what to leave?” When packing for a long vacation you are usually prepared to haul along several suitcases and you’ll have plenty of space to stuff most of your possessions in them. However, things are different when packing for a short vacation. You can’t carry too much luggage and you definitely won’t be needing too much either. So how do you decide what goes in your luggage and what doesn’t make the cut? 

To help you with that we have brought together some sound pieces of advice from people more experienced in the travel department.

Use a Small Backpack

“One of the best tips you can do when traveling for a short vacation is to simply bring a small backpack instead of a huge luggage. The reason for this is because a smaller backpack is typically less weight which makes it easier to carry and it'll only allow you to bring your necessities. By carrying a large bag or even luggage, you'll be tempted to fill in those empty spaces and pockets with more stuff than you really need. This can waste time as well as money. So if you are ever going to travel for a short vacation, it's best to use a small backpack when packing.”

Thanh (Wayne) Dang is a professional Travel Blogger and Food Blogger, Owner of The Daily Tourist

Pack Multiple-use Items

“The trick to packing for a short trip is to take items that can be used in more than one way. Take a large bag or backpack with you for items you want handy while you are in transit. You can use that bag for shopping, hiking or at the beach. Pack a small handbag in your carry-on suitcase to use after you arrive, in the evening and site seeing. Take one neutral-colored skirt or pants to wear each evening and pack tops that can be worn in the evening and then more casually with shorts the next day. This eliminates separate evening and daytime apparel for a short trip. Sports clothing can take up a lot of space. For running, hiking biking take clothes that can be hand washed reducing the amount you need to bring. Although having a wide variety of swimwear may be fun pack 2 outfits that you can mix and match to make 4. Reduce the number of jackets you take by wearing layers, pack a long-sleeved shirt that you can wear alone or over a t-shirt in case it is cool or you need to cover up from the sun. You will need a sweater/lightweight jacket for the evening and a windbreaker for the day. Combine the 3 layers to help you stay, cool, warm or dry. Having a color scheme so all of your clothes go together well gives you lots of outfits to mix and match. While you are in transit wear the shoes that take up the most space and pack the ones that need less space in your carry-on suitcase. The last thing to do is make a list of what you packed so the next time you go on a short trip the packing is even easier.”

Julie Stobbe a Trained Professional Organizer and Gold Leaf Member of Professional Organizers in Canada (POC), also the owner of Mind over Clutter; Professional Organizing & Coaching Services

Check the Forecast and Check the Checklist

“Before you prepare your backpack, it is a good idea to check the weather forecast of your destination. This will give you an idea of the kind of wardrobe you are going to prepare. It prevents you from packing unnecessary stuff, which will add to the weight of your backpack, and it helps make sure you take with you the things you will need. Having a packing checklist also works well. It not only helps assure you packed everything before you travel towards your destination, but it also helps make sure that you have packed all your stuff before going home.”

Liam Johnson, CEO, TheHitchStore.com

Some Handy Tips on Packing For A Short Vacation

“Once in a while, everyone needs a vacation to relax and rejuvenate, and these are my three tips on how to pack for a short vacation. 1. Pack light: A short vacation does not mean you have to pack like you’re relocating abroad. Pack only the items that you’ll need throughout your stay and fold your clothes neatly to create space in your travel bag or box for other travel items. 2. Carry a garbage bag: You need to carry a garbage bag (usually black in color) to protect your luggage from rain, water or mud. It can also be used as a laundry bag for your dirty clothes if where you’ll be staying isn’t offering laundry services or if there are no laundromats for use. 3. Carry disposable/reusable items: Disposable toiletries, beauty products and pieces of clothing can be found in many stores at affordable prices. You’ll need items like a compressed towel (if you don’t like using hotel towels), disposable underwear, disposable travel bag in case of a travel emergency, etc.”

Adanna Jideofor is a PR Manager for My Speech Class. She’s also a Solo Traveler

“As a busy mom of three including boy/girl twins when packing for a short and quick vacation I like to keep things simple. So I like to keep these key things in mind when packing: 1. Weather 2. What am I going to be doing there? Such as outdoor activities, hiking, beach, etc 3. Picking shoes first- So either sneakers and maybe a pair of sandals depending if I'm going somewhere warm. 4. Pick one neutral color such as black, grey, white, nude, and based the

rest of the outfits around that main color. This is great because you get to mismatch outfits and create multiple outfits from one-two pieces. The whole point of keeping these key items in mind is to keep packing basic and minimalistic.”

Briggette Glymph, RN, BSN, MNN and the creator of Twins Made Easy

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