The Zodiac Signs You're Most Compatible With, Based on Your Own Sign

by James HargroveJuly 31, 2022,
The Zodiac Signs You're Most Compatible With, Based on Your Own Sign

When it comes to determining compatibility between you and your significant other, there are several factors to consider. However, astrology may provide insight into how you and your spouse will prosper or perhaps conflict. From your zodiac sign, you may learn about and comprehend your strengths, limitations, and communication style, all of which are put to the test while you are in a relationship. Compatibility between two signs may be more than simply a predictor of love compatibility; it can also be an indicator of whether you'll have a solid platonic connection or be constantly at odds.

It is essential to remember that each individual's birth chart is unique and not made similarly. Nevertheless, there are other factors to consider besides your sun sign when establishing genuine compatibility with your partner. However, if you have not yet texted your partner "what time were you born?" to gather their whole chart and conduct a deep dive into your relationship's destiny, knowing each other's sun sign is a wonderful place to start! Here is what you may deduce from a person's sun sign:

Based on the location of the sun at the moment of your birth, the solar sign is the astrological sign that everyone tends to know about themselves, regardless of their level of astrological knowledge. In other words, you may determine a person's sun sign by inquiring about their date of birth. The sun sign represents your identity, the essence of who you are, and the source of your aspirations and ideals. It may reveal how you express yourself and possibly affect the course of your life.

Now that we know that the stars are responsible for our bright personalities, continue reading to find out how love may play out for you and each sign!

What You Need to Know About the Elements

Each (earth, air, fire, and water) element is compatible with itself. For instance, you'll note that all the fire signs (Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius) are compatible. Here is general information about each element.


The most prevalent characteristic of earth signs is their practicality. All three earth signs have a strong concentration on their careers and are frequently characterized as being grounded. With a sign of the earth, you might anticipate a slow-burning relationship. They are frequently focused on bettering themselves, thus they desire a spouse who doesn't require a great deal of additional effort to make them better.


Above all else, air signs are sociable butterflies. Their innate friendliness and romance make them a reasonably strong couple, but their flightiness and reluctance to commit make it important to capture and maintain their interest.


The fire indications are precisely fiery. They are generally intense in romantic relationships and seek partners who can match their intensity. Someone who is timid and shy will make a fire sign feel loud, but someone who can keep up with them and bring them down to earth will be an excellent match.


If you are seeking commitment, you should seek out a water sign. They are passionate and demonstrative, and they seek the same in a romantic partner. A water sign seeks a partner who can coax them out of their shell while also being unafraid of going deep.

The Best Relationship Pairings

It's love at first sight, according to a birth chart reading.

Cancer And Sagittarius

Normally, fire and water aren't the finest combinations, but Sagittarius and Cancer have the ideal combination of each trait to complement each other and bring out the best in each other. The sensitive character of Cancer pushes Sagittarius to slow down and be more demonstrative, while Sagittarius encourages Cancer to be their goofy selves.

Taurus And Scorpio

Taurus, governed by Venus, the planet of love and pleasure, will admire the sensuality and ardor of Scorpio (a recipe for a great sex life). In return, Scorpios will value the sense of security that Taureans emanate. Both possess a passion for pleasure, so expect costly unforgettable dates.

Leo And Gemini

Leo provides the required vigor and desire in a relationship, while Gemini contributes youth and fun. This is a dynamic that will never become stale or monotonous. Because Leos prefer to be the center of attention and Geminis love to talk, this changeable sign does a wonderful job of making Leos feel noticed, and by allowing Geminis to express themselves, Leos can help Geminis sit in their emotions, if only for a moment.

Pisces And Virgo

Pisces' expressive temperament pulls Virgo out of this headspace and encourages them to have fun. Virgos tend to be a bit reticent since they're often in their brain, trying to figure everything out and being a perfectionist.

The Best Friendship Pairings

Every iconic bestie duo is shaking. 

Aries And Libra

Aries need a partner that can accommodate their incessant desire for change, and Libra is right there with them. As best friends, you will both appreciate leaving the house and exploring, never wasting time. The charming Libra is the ideal companion for an Aries who is generally combative.

Aquarius And Capricons

This couple demonstrates that opposites attract. Aquarians embrace independence and walking to the beat of their own drum, but Capricorns are determined and prioritize helping others while also helping themselves. Due to this, they are quite picky about who they allow into their inner circle, although Aquarians will be accepted due to their creative inclination.

Scorpio And Virgo

If there is one thing that these two signs appreciate above all else, it is trust, and this will never be a problem in their partnership. This pair has a mutual understanding that does not require explanation. Virgo is controlled by Mercury, the planet of communication, whereas Scorpio is distant but very emotional. Virgo is the only sign that can get a mystery fixed sign to open up and chat. On the other hand, Scorpios need something profound and engaging, and if there is one sign that can inspire and excite a Virgo about the world around them, it is a Scorpio.

Taurus And Gemini

Taurus is the most receptive of the earth signs, which Gemini might profit from. They will bond over their appreciation for the finer things, and Gemini will always be prepared with juicy gossip. The majority of their get-togethers will take place at home, and Taurus is happy for a BFF who appreciates their homebody habits.

The Most Challenging Pairings

We’re not saying you can’t make them work, but it might take a little extra effort. 

Cancer And Aquarius

The emotional character of Cancer may make it appear to be the ideal match for the sociable Aquarius, yet they are unable to meet each other's needs. Aquarians require a great deal of independence; they are imaginative and a bit woo-woo (well, hello, it is Harry Styles' sign, after all). However, Cancer wants more from their companion, causing Aquarius to feel imprisoned.

Virgo And Sagittarius

Some may argue that Virgo and Sagittarius are polar opposites. Sagittarius is impulsive, whereas Virgo is methodical. Always tardy is Sagittarius, whereas Virgo is prompt. They will differ on matters as fundamental as punctuality, organization, and productivity. If you want your opponent to motivate you to loosen up or tighten the reins, this may be a wonderful combination, but you'll probably just irritate the crap out of each other.

Aries and Pisces

Aries and Pisces have quite different conceptions of how to express love. Aries is noncommittal and expresses love through grand gestures or little moments, but Pisces is immediately involved and desires to feel and express love frequently.

Leo And Capricorn

Some may believe Capricorn to be a long-lost fire sign, but that does not mean that you should run off with a fire sign, Cap. While Capricorn enjoys the dull preparation stages, Leo is eager to get started immediately. At the very least, though, you'll undoubtedly bond over your grandiose professional aspirations, so there's something.

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