The Best Plus-Size Pieces for Fall

by James HargroveJuly 31, 2022
The Best Plus-Size Pieces for Fall

If I could only include one talent on my CV, it would be my ability to find any look for less. Because your gal is ballin’ on a budget, I make it my job to locate the most cost-effective choice for every purchase I make. When it comes to fall fashion, there are so many new designs of jackets, jeans, and boots that I must have every year; thus, I browse online for stylish and economical goods.

Occasionally, I’ll splurge on an item I know I’ll wear forever, but when it comes to seasonal pieces that tend to be in trend for a shorter period of time, I greatly prefer my more affordable selections. Finding these duplicates may require a great deal of persistence and patience, but the sense of accomplishment I have when I succeed is well worth the time and effort.

Here are the greatest alternatives for investing vs saving for the year’s most popular autumn and winter fashions:

1. Comfortable Shacket

This year, shackets will remain a wardrobe staple, so you probably already own a great plaid one made of a wool-like material (which we still love, by the way). If you are trying to increase your shacket collection, however, a comfortable, bohemian-inspired version may be ideal. These look adorable paired with everything from jeans and boots to leggings and shoes.

2. Chunky Lug-Sole Boots

In the previous several years, hefty, lug-soled boots have been increasingly trendy; nonetheless, I would say that they are the boots of the season for autumn and winter. Every time you visit Instagram, you’ll see a blogger sporting a pair in their most recent outfit of the day. There are countless possibilities, but it is comforting to know that there is a pair for every budget.

3. Fall Floral Midi Dress

Okay, so the investment choice here is definitely an investment, but you can’t deny that these designer outfits have been everywhere on Instagram. Dark autumn flowers in stylish, feminine designs such as a sleeveless midi dress are everywhere (and in every price range). Combine one of them with clunky boots and a leather jacket for the ideal fall ensemble.

4. Knee-High Textured Boots

While over-the-knee boots have been mostly phased out of our autumn wardrobes, knee-high choices are still going strong and have been modernized with rich textures, dark browns, and ’90s-inspired designs. The proper pair of textured knee-high boots may quickly elevate your ensemble.

5. Faux-leather Trousers

We’ve been discussing imitation leather leggings for years, and they’re not going anywhere soon. The trend has extended to include the ever-popular leather pant, but we still consider imitation leather leggings a wardrobe must. Many of our editors vouch for both of the aforementioned alternatives.

6. Quilted Jacket

Last year, I spotted this Target knockoff for a popular quilted jacket, and I am ecstatic that they have brought back an updated version for this season. Throw on one of these cozy-chic jackets to transform your leggings, sweatshirt, and shoes into an instantly fashionable ensemble.

7. ’90s-Style Jeans 

It is no secret that this year’s most prominent denim trend has been fitting influenced by the 1990s. Not only are they attractive, but they also tend to be more comfortable than our previous denim offerings. Fortunately, our readers’ and editors’ favorite ’90s jeans won’t break the bank.

8. Sherpa Clogs

This year marked the comeback of the clog, and before you reject them as “ugly,” hear me out: Celebrities and supermodels have been photographed wearing them everywhere, and if wearing shoes that are essentially slippers outside the house is now deemed trendy, why wouldn’t we embrace it?

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