Protecting Yourself from Negative Energy

by Derick SullivanOctober 18, 2023
Protecting Yourself from Negative Energy

When people talk about ‘negative energy’ it often refers to the general negativity in the surrounding environment, says Psychic Advisor on MysticSense, Phoenix Knor’malle. People complaining, negativity in the news, and even your own thoughts can produce negative energy.

Luckily, there are ways to avoid the build up of this energy, beginning with cleansing. Burning sage or incense is one way to dissipate the negative energy of a space. Some people use sound, such as a singing bowl, or even meditation as a tool to release the negative energy.

After the energy has been dissolved, it is a good idea to practice shielding to prevent more negative energy from accumulating. One of the easiest methods of spiritual shielding involves visualizing a bright, white bubble all around you, recommends Knor’malle. Another method is to carry or wear a protective crystal, such as Smoky Quartz or Hematite, which is thought to prevent negative energies from affecting you.

Everyone encounters negative energy in one way or another, and we should do what we can to protect ourselves from it. Below we’ve gathered some other actionable tips on keeping your life as positive and peaceful as can be:

Prioritize Your Own Peace

Oliver Martin, Sales & Marketing Manager at National MRSI

Protecting myself from other people’s negativity means that my peace is my priority. It’s important to know that you shouldn’t let other people steal your joy.

What I do is that I keep in mind that their negativity is not my negativity. For example, negative people are wallowing in their problems, and sometimes, through conversation, we end up absorbing this. When situations like these happen, I keep my power, and I don’t let them dampen my enthusiasm and motivation. 

I distance myself from negative people. If, for example, you see a person approaching you and feel like he’s going to throw negativity on you, start walking in the other direction.

Detach When Necessary 

Aaron Simmons, Founder of Test Prep Genie

Whenever I feel like something would just bring me a negative aura, I detach myself from it. For instance, I unfollow social media pages and news channels that offer nothing but negative feelings to me.

Bottom line: It is true that ignorance is bliss, but it is also a way to protect yourself from this world that has been fostering negativity nowadays.

Center Yourself

Levi Barker, Plant Medicine Healer at Iboga Wellness Center

This all starts with getting ourselves centered early in the day. We can get centered via yoga, meditation, talking a walk, etc. – any activity where we can check in and connect with ourselves by being present and using our senses. From there, we make a conscious decision on what we are going to allow into our energetic field for the day. We plan for things before they happen. It is a lot easier to deal with negative energy when it presents itself, if we have already planned what we are going to do with it.

Visualize Your Protective Bubble

Shelly Wilson, Intuitive Medium 

Protecting, also known as shielding, is important to keep ourselves protected from another person’s junk and helps keep personal energy separated. Visualizing a white light or a bubble surrounding the body will help protect and shield one’s energy. Some people prefer to envision themselves wrapped in a cloak, wearing a cape or carrying a shield. Use the visualization that feels most comfortable and resonates best with your own energy at the time. Only love can penetrate this protective shield; everything else will be dispelled and fall away.

Set Boundaries

Marissa F. Cohen, Founder of the Healing From Emotional Abuse Philosophy™

If there is a person in your life that you love to be around, but it exhausts you to spend time with them, or they keep doing things that make you feel uncomfortable, the best thing to do is address the situation head-on. It might feel difficult at first, because we don’t want to hurt their feelings or negatively impact our friendship or relationship with them. 

But if you’re driven to foster a relationship with them and keep them in your life, you’d be doing yourself and them a service by vocalizing the parts of your friendship that you don’t enjoy, or the things they do that make you uncomfortable. It opens them up to seeing from your perspective and changing that behavior, which will make their energy around you better, and change your feelings about the relationship.

In Conclusion

One thing we often forget is that it doesn’t hurt to put yourself first. When you set boundaries, know what you value – and know your value – you will do what you can to protect your mind, body, and spirit. Once you are faced with negativity again, you will see how different your approach and mindset are – and this will make all the difference. 

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