Travel Tips: Packing for Long Travels

by Derick SullivanDecember 14, 2023
Travel Tips: Packing for Long Travels

With travel opening up around the world, everyone is planning their next long trip. While planning is fun, when it’s actually time to pack that bag- most of us are frustrated and indecisive. What to pack and what to leave.

We have brought on experienced travelers to help you out with that. Their valuable tips will make packing for your trip- whether for business or leisure- much simpler and faster.

Organize Your Traveling Essentials

“Choosing the right versatile travel bag for your trip that fits all your stuff and is easy to carry is one of the best travel tips. Organize your traveling essentials by starting with your clothing packing list and shoes. Select items of clothing that don't require special care except if it's a formal trip and those that are easy to blend. Next, pack your toiletry bag with the proper necessities like toothbrushes, toothpaste, skincare products, and any prescribed medication. Electronics are also essential to ensure a smooth and easy journey by providing entertainment and efficient communication. Besides phones and laptops, pack your charging cables, portable chargers, your camera, and earphones. Other essentials include passports, cash, and water bottles.” says Harriet Chan, Co-founder & Marketing Director of CocoFinder.

Chan also handed out some bonus packing hacks; “In addition, utilize some packing tips like rolling clothes to take up less space and prevent wrinkles. Place small items that need cushioning in shoes and stuff your socks. Lastly, use plastic wraps under bottle tops to prevent leaks, and use a dryer sheet at the bottom of your travel bag to keep clothes smelling fresh.”

Pack 4-Days Worth of Clothes

“For a long vacation trip, I generally pack four days worth of clothing, and make a plan to do laundry as needed. I do this keeping in mind the weather, and whether I may need to dress up for any particular reason. Sometimes that means I pack a suit, but sometimes that means I pack a pair of nice wrinkle-free slacks and a button-down shirt or two. For a long business trip, the corporate policy on how often they will pay for laundry guides the amount of clothing I bring, and this usually works out to enough clothing to last for a business week. For footwear, versatility is key. I pack comfortable shoes that can double for business or casual use.” Mike Bankhead shares his own travel experiences.

Clothes aren’t all; there are some other basics you need to check off your list, “Regularly used appliances and electronic devices are a priority for me. These include my mobile phone, tablet, and digital camera (I still have one). I also bring an adapter for every country I plan to visit and a power strip so that I can charge all devices simultaneously. I wear contact lenses, and am sure to always include two spare pairs, as well as a pair of glasses. I have found it useful to pack regularly-used toiletries, but usually not in such quantities that they need to last the entire trip. After all, common things like toothpaste, soap, and shampoo can be found just about wherever you happen to be. The same goes for simple over-the-counter analgesic medication or simple cold medication. Of course, all of my prescription medication comes along for the duration of the trip.”

Mike Bankhead is a bassist and songwriter from Ohio, experienced with domestic and international travel, both for business and leisure

Plan and Pack for the Weather

“So when packing for a long trip most people think it's necessary to pack as much as they can to be ready for anything. In fact the opposite is true. I try to pack as little as possible. Pack as if you were only going to be gone for a week to ten days because chances are that you will be able to do laundry wherever you're going. Therefore you probably won't need more than a week or so's clothing. Also when planning the trip try to plan for one type of climate. The last thing you want is to be lugging a heavy jacket through southern India after coming from Nepal.”

Jenson Heaton, Nomadic Inscriptions

Laundry Soap

“I have been to 82 countries, and have done several trips longer than 6 months each. One of the most important things to take is laundry soap and a small scrubbing brush, so you can wash clothes in your hotel or hostel. A rope to use as a clothes line helps too. Then you don’t need to pack many clothes or pay for expensive laundry. Oh, and more socks than you think you’ll need. They take up almost no space and there’s nothing worse than having a bag full of dirty or wet socks with nothing dry to wear.”

James Ian,  a travel expert Parks Collecting

Some Practical Tips and Tricks

1. Take hand-washable items to shrink your packing list from the start. 2. For travel abroad, buy local clothing at outdoor markets that work in your destination's climate and dress codes. Donate them before heading home. 3. Limit toiletries to those that serve two purposes like shampoo with conditioner. 4. Work around a two-tone travel wardrobe where everything mixes and matches with black the most practical choice. 5. Shoes are space stealers, so wear a pair and pack a pair. 6. Tuck a pair of socks in the shoes you pack. They help in a malaria zone or while visiting temples or other sites where shoes are left outside. 7. Pack a large scarf to go from day to evening, to avoid arctic air conditions, to replace a belt and when boating or secure your sunhat.”

Elizabeth Avery, Founder of Solo Trekker 4 U and author of “50 Years of Solo Travel, a Definitive Guide”. She has visited all 50 US states and approximately 70 countries around the world.

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