Learn to Read the Stock Market with This Discounted Bundle

by Derick SullivanJanuary 16, 2023


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Some projections state that a new startup could take as long as four years to start earning a profit. Your business may be growing, but waiting four years may not be an option. If you want to start earning passive income that you can use to grow your business, then the stock market may be a viable option. If this is your first foray into stock investing, then the 2023 Stock Candlestick and Options Profit Trading Bundle could help you learn to be a wise investor.


This course can help you mitigate your risks and maximize potential payouts. It contains 25 hours of instruction, starting from the basics. Get your first look at investing strategies in Options Trading 101 and Learn to Trade Options from Some of the Industry Greats. Both of these courses are led by professionals from MoneyShow, an investment advising organization with 40 years of experience.

Investing in the stock market doesn't mean gambling the future of your business on market trends. This bundle gives you lifetime access to four stock analysis courses. Start by learning to read candlestick charts which visualize stock price change over time and may help you forecast the economy.

Once you're confident in your investment strategy, you can automate it using Python and a style of coding you could learn in the course Automatic Stock Trading with Python. It even comes with its own automatic trading bot that can make investments for you based on parameters you input.

Learn to make informed investments by getting the 2023 Stock Candlestick and Options Profit Trading Bundle while it's on sale for $39.99 (reg. $1,400).

Prices subject to change.


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