Keep Your Kids Busy Next Summer With These 5 Ideas

by James HargroveSeptember 15, 2022,
Keep Your Kids Busy Next Summer With These 5 Ideas

Did your children complain of boredom all summer long? If so, you're probably in need of a few ideas to keep them active after the end of this school year. Following are five ways to help keep your kids busy next summer while enriching them socially and academically.

Help them Start a Garden

For a fun and easy way to include science in your summer activities, consider helping your child start their own garden. Not only will you benefit from the fruits and vegetables you produce, but you'll help instill a sense of pride in your child and build their self-confidence. If you're also a novice gardener, you may want to stick with seeds that are easy to grow. Squash, beans, lettuce, and radishes are excellent choices for beginners, and they usually sprout quickly. This will encourage your child to tend to their garden throughout the summer. You may even notice healthier eating habits since they will likely want to eat the vegetables they grow.

Have Fun in the Backyard

A world of opportunities awaits when you step into your own backyard. If your child has always wanted to go camping but you're unsure if they're ready for a trip to the campground, consider pitching up a tent in your backyard for a night. Backyard camping is an excellent opportunity to see if your child has what it takes for an authentic camping trip and it's conveniently close to home in case things don't go as planned. Make a fun evening out of your experience and bring snacks while leaving your devices inside. Be sure to plan your adventure on a clear night so you can enjoy an evening of stargazing too.

Send Your Child to Camp

Camp is often a rite of passage for many children. Camps are excellent opportunities for your child to socialize with their peers, stay active, and make memories. There are many different types of camps available that span a wide variety of interests. Consider sending your child to a camp that helps them expand their athletic or musical skills. Summer is the perfect time of year to help them build their stamina and endurance if they are involved in sports during the school year. It's also a great time to learn a new instrument. If you are interested in sending your child to an athletic or music camp, UK is home to some of the best opportunities available.

Visit the Library

Has your child fallen behind the curve with their reading scores? Whether you're looking to improve their test scores next school year or you'd like to encourage a love of reading, be sure to check out your local library. Help them receive their own library card and set a reading goal for them that's attainable. You could even incentivize it by offering them a special treat once they have read a specific amount of books. Many libraries also offer story time and free literacy programs to help your child improve their reading and writing skills. Check out your local library with your child and see what resources they have to offer.

Create an Activity Jar

A fun, hands-on way to help your child stay busy next summer is to help them create an activity jar. Get a mason jar or an empty coffee container and decorate the outside with colorful pictures, stickers, or construction paper. After your child has finished personalizing their jar, get a stack of index cards and start writing activities on each one. These activities can include independent play, outdoor play, weekend outings, and things they can do with you. You can include as many activities as you'd like, though it's preferable to have at least thirty different ideas inside. The next time your child is bored, have them pull an activity out of the jar. Not only will this keep your child busy, but they will also look forward to finding out what activity they've chosen.

Remember, it's okay for your child to be bored every once in a while. Boredom is what sparks creativity and provides them with the motivation to explore the world around them. By keeping these five tips in mind, you'll provide a summer full of enrichment that your child is sure to enjoy.

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