JetBlue Plane Crashes Into Parked Airplane at JFK Airport

by Derick SullivanJanuary 19, 2023


Passengers aboard a JetBlue plane were in for a bumpy ride, even before takeoff.

Courtesy of @cjny84 via Twitter

On Wednesday, JetBlue flight 1603 crashed into another JetBlue aircraft that was parked and unoccupied at John F. Kennedy International Airport. The moving plane, which was en route to San Juan, Puerto Rico, "struck the tail" of the parked aircraft while transitioning from the gate to the tarmac, CBS News reported.

In a statement to the outlet, JetBlue said the two planes made "light contact" before returning to the gate. No one was injured.

Both planes will be "taken out for service inspection" while the incident is under investigation.

According to a passenger on board, the collision wasn't felt inside the aircraft, adding that the pilot struggled to explain what transpired during an announcement to the cabin, they said to NBC New York.

The accident comes just days after a Delta plane and American Airlines flight nearly collided with each other on the runway with passengers on board. The incident is being investigated by the FAA. The close call also took place at JFK.


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