COVID-19: Tips to Keep You Fit and Healthy During the Pandemic

by Victoria RoblesNovember 24, 2023,
COVID-19: Tips to Keep You Fit and Healthy During the Pandemic

The COVID-19 Pandemic is a time when health is taking the spotlight. Now more than ever, we need to focus and prioritize our health. But with our lives so disturbed from the time-honed patterns, lockdowns, work-from-home systems, and social distancing, how can we get that health and fitness routine?

If you want to improve your overall well-being during the pandemic, you need to go through these helpful tips by health and fitness professionals. 

The Pandemic doesn’t need to stop you from your fitness goals; it can even work in your favor. It eliminates distractions and allows you to take on the challenge.

Hydrate, Stretch, Relax!

Hydrate! Because you need to. Drinking water is critical to the entire process of exercising. It’ll help you look better by revitalizing and plumping your skin and flushing toxins and waste out of your body. Along the way, it’s also plumping your muscles (79% of muscle is water!). The water that’s in your muscles just might give you the big biceps look you’re chasing. More than that, it’ll keep your muscles healthy and minimize the inflammation that can cause joint pain. Drinking plenty of water is one of the easiest ways to reduce inflammation in the body. A good habit is to always keep a bottle of Essentia Water on hand- I’m a huge proponent for alkaline water and have found that Essentia Water, specifically, prevents you from feeling bloated or overfilled. Stretch every hour: We all spent a looooot of time sitting during the pandemic, and that’s not what your body wants. Your body is built to move, and that movement helps create blood flow to the skin and other key tissues. So once an hour, whenever possible, stand and stretch. You don’t need to do anything fancy - just lunge forward, or touch your toes, or reach for the ceiling. Your body will thank you. Relax: It’s been a long year, so everyone is a bit behind on their fitness. So don’t get down on yourself if you feel “behind.” A slower, steadier approach to getting back into your fitness game is better than rushing into things. Don’t try to lose weight or build muscle all at once. In a month aim to lose or gain 2-3 pounds per month, and you’ll set yourself up for more sustainable success.”

Ebenezer Samuel (C.S.C.S), Essentia Water Fitness Expert

Change Behavior Patterns through Positive Mind-Set

“Staying fit and healthy: It can typically take over 400 repetitions of a behavior pattern to break a bad habit and form new synapses in the brain. When done through play, recent research has determined that 10 to 20 repetitions is all it takes! Therefore, the key to breaking bad habits and creating more self-loving ones is to do it joyfully! For example, when you feel like continuing to overeat, try doing something else that would bring you immediate pleasure instead. It may be playing some music that gets you dancing and stretching, stepping outside to breathe in some nature, or calling someone lonely. Whatever fills your hungry soul works! Try it, and you will discover that the big bag of potato chips you were devouring has stopped calling your name so loudly. We break self destructive habits in the most easy and effective way by adding more joy to our lives!”

Bracha Goetz, Harvard-educated wellness expert and author of 39 books

Establish a Morning Routine

“One thing that helped me stay fit during quarantine, as a certified yoga instructor, is by establishing a morning routine with workouts that helped me feel refreshed throughout the day. Whether it was a simple stretch, light weights or advanced movements, practicing yoga every morning helped me feel not only more productive, but helped me feel more active and made me want to keep doing it everyday.”

Yoga Instructor; Genesis Gutierrez from MySevenSouls.com

Healthy Organic Diet

“In order to stay healthy during the pandemic, it’s important to take in all aspects of your health, including mental and physical. Burnouts can be a direct result of the food you’re consuming to power through your week. Clean, organic food-based ingredients are crucial in ensuring the body is fueled with the best nutrient-dense calories. I start my day the smart way with a nutrient-rich plant-based smoothie using organic plant protein powder and loads of other powerful foods that keeps my energy levels up to par with what work requires of me.”

Jeff Goodwin, Sr. Director, Performance Marketing & e-Commerce of Orgain

Immunity through Vitamins and Good Diet

“Three of my top tips to stay healthy during a pandemic are: 1. Pay attention to your immune system. This includes eating a whole foods diet with generous amounts of vegetables, get at least seven hours of sleep, daily activity, and taking care of emotional strife. 2. Make sure you are getting enough of the six critical nutrients- vitamins A, C, D, and the minerals selenium, zinc, and magnesium. Immune cells have receptors (like parking spots) for the nutrients and will only function at full capacity when there is a daily supply. 3. Include one antiviral food such as mushrooms, ginger, and garlic every day.”

Marie Ruggles, Nutritionist/Certified Diabetes Educator, and author of “Optimize Your Immune System: Create Health & Resilience with a Kitchen Pharmacy

Start Small

“Set yourself realistic goals for your home fitness. Short online classes like office yoga by Warrior Princess Yoga can be an easy way to get started, especially if you haven’t done much for yourself in the last month. Try out different things, maybe you notice you enjoy workouts now, you wouldn’t even have tried years ago. Be open minded and give new ways of moving a shot. The key is to find something you enjoy, because then you will stick to it. The second tip is, to team up with a friend online, join the same sessions and ask them to hold you accountable if you do not show up. Finally, take care of your mind. Meditation and breath work are great ways to calm your mind, and learn how to focus on what is important. With the right mindset, staying healthy and fit at home will be so much easier.”

Julia Grässer is an advanced yoga teacher and owner of Warrior Princess Yoga


“To maintain your fitness wellness while remaining socially distant, you can take up hiking. Hiking is a fun and engaging form of exercise and an immersive escape into nature. Especially during quarantine, it is fairly easy to lack vitamin D due to staying inside all day. Hiking trails provide you some healthy sun exposure, fresh air, and endurance training as well as a refreshing boost of energy from detoxing from screens. The best part about hiking is trails are predominantly free and easily accessible.”

Brent Sanders, a software engineer that builds and grows digital Businesses. He is also the CEO of Wicksly

Improve Your Immunity

“Keeping yourself fit during the pandemic should mostly revolve around building your immunity and increasing your lung capacity since Coronavirus affects the respiratory system heavily. Try to be physically active, which may seem difficult due to the lockdown, but you can exercise at home as well. You should walk at least 30-40mins a day, include activities like skipping, strength training, and HIIT in your routine. Eat more vitamin C and Zinc-rich food and avoid food items that will lower your immunity. You should also upscale your supplements intake to compensate for the vitamin and minerals intake that you’re not able to complete with food. Also, steam your face at least once a week to clear your nasal passage. Meditate every day  to relieve your mind of the stress and anxiety of living in a lockdown.”

Rahil Chaudhary, an Ophthalmologist and Managing Director at Eye7 Hospitals

Exercise, meditation, a balanced diet and, of course, taking our due rest too, are all essential parts that make up a healthy lifestyle. We all want to get through this pandemic in the best shape possible, mentally and physically. Making healthy lifestyle changes can help us come out on the other side of this- more resilient than before. 

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